Google Search Console Update Analyze Traffic From News Tab

Google is upgrading Search Console in search results with the ability to filter and examine traffic coming in from the News page.

Google Search Console Update Analyze Traffic From News Tab

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A new form of filter has been added to Google Search Console that allows website owners to isolate traffic and impressions produced by the News tab.

Like other search level filters in the Search Console, this one will be access from the Results Report that contains all Google traffic data from the site.

Information can be sorted by different dimensions within the Quality Report.

One of those dimensions is ‘Search Type,’ which refers to the various tabs below the search bar.

Search Console does not allow all forms of searches, but Google is adding more slowly as time goes on.

With the inclusion of News the results report now supports the following search types:

Web: Results appearing on the All page. The results of the image and video displayed in the All tab in the search results are also counted for Web form.

Image: results which appear on the search results tab of the site.

Video: Results that appear on the search results page for Images.

News: Results displayed on the search results tab in the Media.

Google says the ability to filter traffic data from the News tab is a function webmasters have always requested.

Search Console users haven’t been able to isolate, evaluate, and compare traffic originating from the news tab until now.

Now it’s possible to look at this data alone, or compare it to another collection of individual data.

It is important to note that no support is provided for grouping data by multiple search types.

And you can’t just compare data for the results of Web + News for example.

Google says the explanation is because the layout of the results page is very different for each form of search.

Google Search Console Update Analyze Traffic From News Tab

A result in position 30 in the results of the image search could still be on the first page, while on the third page will be a position 30 in web results.

Instead of the variation in page formats of the search results, data is stored separately for each search form.

A URL can appear in both web and news results but for web searches and news searches the click, experience, and location data for the URL are reported separately.

More about the performance report for the search console

In addition to the number of clicks received, the Search Console performance report also shows:

How often the site comes up in search results (impressions).

Percentage of impressions that lead to clicks (click-through rate).

Average position in search results.

Any special features associated with the site’s search results (such as rich results).

All of this data can then be further broken down with various filters.

To add a filter, click the +NEW label on the page next to the existing filters for type and date.

You can then choose from among the following filter types:

  • Queries
  • Pages
  • Countries
  • Devices
  • Search Type
  • Search Appearance
  • Dates

Only full days of information shall be used when filtering data by date.

For example, if you select “last 7 days,” only the most recent seven full days of data will be protected. If the data for today is half a day, the duration of seven days is yesterday plus the six previous days.