Best content marketing trends for 2020

Content marketing is highly rising and will continue to rise in the coming years. As it is the source of providing relevant and informative content to the specific and interested audience.
Content marketing can be done through various ways like vlogs, posts, and written content. In the past years, we saw people relying on content marketing to widen their business in numerous ways.

Trends tend to change from time-to-time, not because the strategies adopted are wholly outdated but because of the newness and innovations in technology.

Take a book as an example, now you don’t have to read them, as you can use technological advancement like audiobooks. Various online marketing platforms now a day’s provide the services of audiobooks like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. these platforms offer both, free and paid books.

Similarly, content marketing trends also arise every time there is an innovation.

Use this blog, in order to go with the flow for the ongoing and upcoming content marketing trends.

Content marketing

List of Content marketing trends will are likely to arise in 2020

  • User-generated content
  • Voice-related searches
  • Prioritize E.A.T
  • Exclusive content
  • High engagement

Users search for the content which is relatable and reliable. They don’t want to engage in technicalities unless it’s a business-related content of course. Users seek content that is short and readable as no one wants to read a number of words just to find that “oh, voice-related search is trending”.

Times are changing; people tend to use hashtags in every platform, even platforms like Twitter and Pinterest. They search for a particular keyword that they can hashtag.

Writing content is too mainstream, but the adequacy to write content for a specific platform or for a particular audience and actually answering their questions is what is tricky. You can see countless websites in which numerous words are written, but only ten percent of them will actually answer your query or give you knowledge about the thing you searched.

Help yourself with these content marketing trends:

User-generated content

UGC is the one thing that is helping many brands in profit maximization and the icing on the cake is that they aren’t promoting themselves as much as they are getting promoted.

The key is the use of people in promotion, to be precise customers.

People tend to seek fun and these brands are giving them the source of enjoyment and hence, they are getting promoted.

Let’s take an example, Coca Cola, it is a well-established brand that enjoys a healthy competition with its substitutes. But then again, they decided to level up. They started the “Share a Coke” campaign, where you can buy, offer and share coke according to your mood. With the rising fun people started participating in it, they posted pictures with #cocacola and thus, this helped Coca Cola in creating awareness and enjoying a little extra profit than its substitutes.

This strategy is adopted by many other brands like Starbucks, target, etc.

Voice-related search

With the rising advancements in mobile technology and other upgrades, search engines have also upgraded themselves. Today, every search engine has a microphone in its search tab to ease the process of searching for the users.

Voice-related searches are leaving a mark on people and they tend to use it more and more. Why type when you can just speak! This is the main reason behind the invention of Alexa, Siri, and even Google Assistant.

People have started using them like they are asking some other person for something they’d use a search engine for.

Most of the sites don’t get clicked as the search engines are solving the user’s query then and there. To use this to your advantage, you can make your content fact-based by targeting the right keyword but most importantly answering the question of the users.

Prioritize E.A.T

E.A.T is what every high-quality page needs. It is what will help you rank in Google or any search engine without having any monetary transactions.

So what is E.A.T? Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Everybody knows that Google has its way of deciding what page to rank and otherwise. So, you need to have these three features in your content.

Expertise is having great knowledge of the things you are writing and also, the people whom you are writing for. Having knowledge or skill is one thing but knowing how to convey them and engage your audience is way tough. Prioritize the correct platform for your content.

Authoritativeness is nothing but telling people you are the owner of what you write. For this, you can write different other articles relating to your main topic and then make it visible to people.

Trustworthiness is a continuous investment to market content writing. While expertise and authority will help you rank in Google, trustworthiness will help you gain a loyal audience.

Exclusive content

While E.A.T helps in targeting audience and writing quality content, but not everybody is an expert in everything. It’s the same as asking a cricketer to sing, the main thing is to focus on writing what you are expert and interested in.

Writing about stuff you don’t know doesn’t only exhaust you but also steals your energy when to try to write what you actually want to. This will tank your rank in Google and you will lose your reliability.

To avoid this focus on writing what actually entertains you because as they say, if you are getting bored while writing, imagine the reader’s condition.

High Engagement

Every fan or reader has one of the mentors who actually reply and answers to their queries, so why not be that person. Content writing is not only about conveying your piece of work to your audience but also engaging with them. Whether you are Instagram Vlogger, YouTuber or an inspirer on Pinterest, engaging with your audience is the key. Connecting with the people you are writing for not only inspires them but also is good for you. Just imagine having a community of people that listens and suggests you, this will help you getting topics for your next blog or video.

Being a leader is great but engaging yourself with the followers helps you learn and realize things.

Final words

Innovative piece of work stays for a long time in the minds of people and also in their bookmarks.  Marketing trends come and go but the time, that particular short-time they stay is what needs to be utilized solely in compensating those trends for your benefit. Don’t get caught in past trends and values, make your content worth it and trendy.

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